January 5, 2015 Matthew Sonnenfeldt

FSM Athletes Rank Well in 2014 Track & Field News Rankings

Congrats to all of our athletes that ranked in the top 10 in the US and the World!

USA Rankings

200m: Men: Wallace Spearmon (4th)

400: Women Briana Nelson (10th)

800m: Women Ajee’ Wilson (1st), Heather Kampf (8th) Men: Mike Rutt (6th), Robby Andrews (8th)

1500: Women Jenny Simpson (1st), Heather Kampf (8th) Men: Kyle Merber (8th)

5k: Molly Huddle (1st), Marielle Hall (6th) Men: Ryan hill (9th), Trevor Dunbar (10th)

10k: Molly Huddle (1st), Amy Hastings (4h), Juliet Bottorff (7th) Men: (Aaron Braun 6th)

Marathon: Amy Hastings (4th) Men: Tyler Pennel (10th)

Triple Jump: Men: Omar Craddock (4th)

Javelin: Men: Sam Humphreys

World Rankings

Jenny Simpson 1500 (1st)

Ajee’ Wilson 800 (2nd)

Molly Huddle 5k (7th), 10k (4th)

Derek Drouin High Jump (4th)

Cam Levins 10k (9th)