January 20, 2015 Matthew Sonnenfeldt

GTK: Juliet Bottorff

Duke Blue Devil graduate and B.A.A distance runner, Juliet Bottorff, debuted in the half marathon this past weekend in Houston running an impressive 71:30 – leading the first 10k of the race. How well do we know, Juliet? Lets get to know her a little better in this weeks FSM GTK.

Last meal on earth..what would it be?
1. Variety is the spice of life, so something with lots of parts/side dishes (also so I don’t have to decide on just one thing). If I only got one more meal it would probably have to be buffet style honestly… But anyway, maybe really good gourmet pizza? or maybe some salmon, some sort of sweet potato, some good grilled veggies, corn on the cob? and obviously ice cream and some sort of baked goods (with chocolate) for dessert.
If you  could invite anyone in the world to a dinner (dead or alive), who would it be?
2. I have no idea. Way too many people to choose from. Maybe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in honor of MLK day today. He’d definitely be interesting!
Favorite TV Show?
3. This is embarrassing.. I don’t watch any TV shows. No really, none at all. I know I’m weird, sorry. I like movies! Especially psychological thrillers.
Biggest Guilty Pleasure?
4. My sweet tooth. Definitely.
If you werent running for B.A.A what would you be doing right now?
5. I’d be totally nerding out and pursuing a PhD in 5. rehabilitation science! I’d still be running also though, just much more casually. And hopefully I’d be going on lots of adventures and not having to worry about possibly getting hurt or messing up training haha.
Favorite thing to do outside running?
6. Hmm this is hard. There’s so much to do, and lots that I haven’t gotten a chance to do yet! But I guess my favorite thing would just be trying new restaurants and coffee shops with friends and teammates. Or our family (team) game nights, specifically including catchphrase.
What inspires you outside of running?
7. Trying new things! In any way. I love going new places, meeting new people, seeing new cultures, talking about new ideas, trying new food/restaurants etc. And that’s also why I’m a total science/ research nerd, because I love always trying to learn and find new things.