April 28, 2015 Matthew Sonnenfeldt

Pro Q & A: Heather Kampf

Via: https://www.tcmevents.org/blog/2015/04/27/533/pro_q_a_heather_kampf


Heather Kampf, the 2012 Medtronic TC 1 Mile women’s champion who returns to the event this year, answered some questions recently for TCM Blog readers. The Rosemount High School and University of Minnesota alumnus who is part of Team USA Minnesota, talks about her goals, her favorite mile preparation workouts, and her surprising favorite place to train!


What’s your goal for the Medtronic TC 1 Mile? 

I always like to have a range of goals, starting at the ‘attainable’, and reaching to the ‘best possible outcome’- I think it’s good to prepare yourself with what you’d feel content with at the end of the day, and then what you really would love to have happen. My range covers everything from a podium (top 3) finish all the way to winning/setting the new event record. The outcome to these goals are also dependent on outside factors that I can’t control, but ultimately my vision is to confidently go into this race and do my best to represent MN well!!


What is your favorite speed workout when you’re training for the mile?

There are so many, but one that I just tried last year for the first time and really liked was sets of 500m-300m-200m at goal mile pace, with just 1 min rest between reps, and 4 minutes between sets. I think I did 5 sets of these last year at one point and felt like if I can run 5000m at goal race pace, I certainly should be able to do 1609m at that pace in one shot!


What advice do you have for citizen runners training to run fast for the mile?

I’d imagine most citizen runners prefer mileage over workouts, but don’t shy away from touching on speed as the event draws nearer. Even if it’s just a couple quarters at goal mile pace, or strides at the end of your runs, it will make that pace seem less foreign to your body.

During the race, try to think about accelerating through the halfway point, really putting in some effort during the 3rd quarter of the mile- that’s the point that seems so far away from the finish so people tend to slow down there, but if you keep pressing, you’ll run your best possible race!

What motivates you as a runner?

I’m so blessed to have an incredible support system through my team, coach, family, friends, and fans. I feel like staying committed and doing my best every day is a very small way to give back to all those people, and my love for all of them helps me get through the tough days of training and racing. I also feel like I was made to run, and love exploring my own possibilities and honoring the gift I’ve been given.


Where is your favorite place to train?

A lot of people will think I’m crazy for saying this, but I love indoor track training at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse. Despite the little circles we run in, I have so many great memories there from college and post-collegiate running, and in the winter, when you get to go inside, strip off your layers and run fast/sweat….there’s nothing better. If we’re talking outdoor running, I honestly could never get sick of the River Road.


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